The South African Payroll Association (SAPA) and the South African Children’s Charity Trust (SACCT), the largest operational children’s charity organisation in South Africa, have collaborated to establish a concept to collect millions for charity.

These two organisations, together with participating companies and other stakeholders have an opportunity to affect the lives of children in need significantly, and therefore also have a considerable impact on the South African society and the economy.


Payroll Giving is already a widely recognised concept in the USA and the UK. It is, however a fresh concept in South Africa, only now officially launched.

Through a joint effort by the SACCT, SAPA and all participating companies, Payroll Giving can be a seamless and effortless system, where each stakeholder’s small contribution accumulates to a substantial total contribution towards the charities of the SACCT.

Payroll Giving has the potential to revolutionise the fundraising industry.

The concept of Payroll Giving is rooted in the collection of small donations given on a recurring basis, with only once-off administration required. An employee selects the preferred amount to be donated. The request to donate is submitted to the payroll department or payroll company and then deducted from his / her salary on a monthly basis. Several methods of donating will also be offered to donors. The amount donated can be changed upon request, and the donation can also be cancelled.

Through the collaboration of SAPA and the SACCT, the benefits of contributing to charities of the SACCT are overwhelming. Not only do established systems and communication channels exist for seamless and effortless national implementation, but the necessary resources in terms of expertise, knowledge, time, energy, physical and contemporary resources are also available.

An innovative new concept was included in this campaign whereby participants in Payroll Giving will stand the chance to win “A Date with…(a famous celebrity)” by electing his / her celebrity of choice from a selected list.

Companies will have the benefit of seeing this campaign as a social responsibility project, as well as a team-building activity for the company. Whilst participating, Payroll Giving can promote approval for a company to be listed on the JSE’s Social Responsibility Investment Index (SRI Index).

The partnership between the SACCT and SAPA brings together the concept to provide relief for those in need and the means to implement this concept effectively.

About the South African Children’s Charity Trust (SACCT)

All the charities of the SACCT came together with the main objective of raising funds for their charities in a creative way, yet based on sound business principles. These reputable charities are:

  • Cotlands cares for over a thousand children every month through its various residential and outreach programs.
  • The Reach for a Dream Foundation has, to date, realised more than five thousand dreams for children with life-threatening illnesses, through the power of a dream come true.
  • CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa provides a wide range of support for children with cancer and life-threatening blood disorders, and their families, throughout the country.
  • The South African Red Cross Society, with a volunteer corps in excess of five thousand, lives up to its motto “Always Needed, Always There”.
  • The Ithemba Trust supports facilities for children with special educational needs in all major cities and rural areas throughout South Africa.